Fish & Reptile Stuff

Aquariums & Terrariums

With most of the basic tanks 1 gallon and up, we try to offer a selection of the most common sized aquariums to home your fish. Need something larger or more unique? We have access to most styles and sizes of aquariums, and are more than happy to special order them in for you. Of course the same applies to Reptile terrariums, just let us know your needs.


Whether its simple flake food or concentrated fish pellets you use, Pet Solutions carries a wide variety of brands and styles of fish foods. Of course we also stock all the high nutrition frozen products your fish love, with frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp of course being the most popular. Feeding the Koi and other pond fish? Of course we have all the Koi foods you require including economical bulk pond foods. For the Reptile lover, we also carry the foods you need to keep your pet healthy.

Heaters, Air Pumps, Filters, and Lighting

Keeping the proper temperature can be vital to the well being of your fish or reptile. We stock heaters from 25 to 300 watts, to help provide the perfect living environment. When it comes to air pumps and filters we try to provide a varied selection to serve your needs and of course will order products in for you even if we don't stock them regularly. Lighting includes aquarium bulbs and tube style bulbs, and of course for the reptiles we offer all the day and night options you require. This includes night time UV and all types of basking heat lamps to keep them warm throughout the day.

Water Conditioning and Cleaning

These supplies are an absolute necessity for the fish or reptile owner. Tap Water Conditioners to take out chlorine and make the water safe, or perhaps liquids to raise or lower the PH level, Pet Solutions provides all your needs. Keeping things clean requires water clarifiers, gravel vacuums, and algae scrub pads, and of course you'll find them all in our store. Tired of sticking your arm in the tank to clean? Try a magnetic scrubber and you'll keep things looking good without ever getting wet!

Ornaments and Decoratives

Aquarium ornaments provide a visually pleasing look to any tank. Try adding a few artificial plants to your tank. You and your fish will enjoy these additions to the aquarium. Want to try something a little more unique? How about LED bubble wands to create a "laser light show" within your tank, or try floating some of our lifelike jelly fish for a truly fun environment. From all colors of aquarium gravels to simple aquarium picture backings, you'll always find what you want at Pet Solutions.

Small Mammal Stuff

Small Mammal Cages

Whether you are providing a home for the smallest mouse or largest bunny, we have every style and size of cage you're looking for. Want something a little unique? Try a small mammal cage with travel tubes you can build and keep adding on to. The possibilities are endless! Does your small mammal tend to chew on the cage? We even carry all metal chew proof cages that can last a lifetime. Whether you're looking for the smallest "travel" cage or the largest multi-level Ferret cage, you'll always find what you're looking for when you shop Pet Solutions.

Small Mammal Food

Food is the most important category with every small mammal having different nutritional requirements. Pet Solutions offers a fantastic selection of seed and pelleted diets to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. As always, if we don't happen to stock the food you require, we will be more than happy to special order it in for you. With the best selection of small animal foods, Pet Solutions always exceeds your expectations!

Small Mammal Treats

For small mammals who tend to spend a majority of their life in a cage, treat time can be the highlight of their day. With a vast selection of treat sticks, hay and packaged treats you'll never run out of choices when shopping with Pet Solutions. Treats are also the perfect way for human and animals to bond together so come in and get some today.

Feeders, Water Bottles and Dishes

We have a large variety of food, water, treat and hay dispensers for every type of small mammal. Whether you want a simple ceramic dish that's too heavy for them to flip over, or chew proof water bottle for them to use without destroying, you'll always find everything at Pet Solutions. Lots of people require a Hay Hopper to feed there Guinea Pig or Rabbit without making a huge mess. Come in to see all your choices for your small mammal.

Small Mammal Toys

So you sit around in the cage thinking of what you can do for entertainment. How about providing your small mammal with a variety of toys and chew blocks. This not only breaks up the boredom, but also allows for mental and physical stimulation. We carry a varied selection for all small mammals to be entertained with.

Bedding, Litter & Litter Pans

Many small animals can be litter trained. This makes cage cleaning and organizing so much easier. Pet Solutions provides several styles and sizes of litter pans to keep the mess all in one place. Try a corner litter box for maximum space savings. When it comes to litter and bedding we stock the largest variety including simple pine and aspen shavings, recycled paper litters with excellent odor control, corn cob bedding, and of course pelleted litters for maximum absorption and odor reductions. We look forward to showing you them all!

Accessories, Exercise Balls, Hammocks, Enclosures and Harnesses

There are endless choices when it comes to accessorizing for your small animal friend. Harnesses allow you to take your pet for a walk or safely let them go in the yard, and sometimes are even handy for inside the house to prevent them from hiding where you can't get to them. Exercise Balls and wheels are a perfect way to keep your pet in shape while allowing them to safely explore around the house. Hammocks are especially a popular sleeping spot for Ferrets but are also used for a multitude of other small animals. If you want to give them more space than their cage allows, but still in a safe environment, try an exercise pen. Many small animal pet owners use these pens around the cage to provide more space so your pet can jump in and out without getting away. Of course we also have everything else you might need including small animal igloos, grooming shampoos and supplies, and even edible furniture for your small animal.

Bird Stuff

Bird Cages

Nothing is more important for the well being of your pet bird than providing the right living environment. From inexpensive travel cages to full sized Parrot stand up cages, Pet Solutions specializes in providing it all. In fact we're told we have one of the best selections in town. Come in and see for yourself. As always if you want it and we don't stock it, just let us know your requirements and we'll order it in for you.

Bird Food

Having the right selection of bird foods can be a challenge. With most of the top brands available, we know at Pet Solutions you'll always find the food to suit your pet. Whether it be a seed diet or a high nutrition pellet diet, our selection always impresses. We even cater to breeders with 25 and 50 lb bags of seeds available for most species. If you don't see the food you need, just ask and we'll order it in for you.

Bird Treats

Treat sticks, dried fruits or tasty packaged bird treats are just some of the options we have to please your pet. Spray millet of course is still one of the most popular, so we sell in singles, packages, or bulk box quantities. You'll never run out of options when you shop at Pet Solutions!

Outdoor/ Wild Bird

Everyone enjoys feeding the wild birds outside even those who don't own pets. Its always fun to watch the wild birds through the window at their feeders. Year round any season, feeding the outside birds is always a pleasure. At Pet Solutions we have an excellent selection of Wild Bird foods to meet your requirements. Want to have them stay near your yard more? Try purchasing a Wild Bird nest for them to live in. If you need something for the birds to eat out of come in and check out our selection of Suet and Wild Bird Seed feeders.

Bird Dishes, Feeders and Baths

For seed and water we offer more options for your pet than most stores. From simple inexpensive plastic to bolt on tip proof crock dishes, you'll be impressed when shopping at Pet Solutions. For keeping themselves clean, we offer all types of interior and exterior bird bath options. There's no shortage of choices when you shop at Pet Solutions.

Bird Toys

With most pet birds spending a majority of their life in their cage, having plenty of toy options is very important. Not only does this help with reducing your bird's boredom , it also gives mental and physical stimulation within the cage. With one of the best selections around, Pet Solutions offers all types of mirror, preening and bird toys to enhance the life of your pet bird.

Bird Perches & Accessories

Every cage needs perches but did you know its recommended that every cage has at least three different types and thicknesses of perches. When a bird has only one type of perch, your pets muscles in its feet are not exercised properly because they're always locked in to one position. Multiple perch types allow these muscles to be exercised properly. From standard wood perches to cement perches to help file beak and nails, and even wavy and rope perches that you can wind through the cage, we provide all the choices you require. Gravel paper and bird bedding for the bottom of the cage are always popular, and of course we sell many remedies, hand feeding formulas and nesting boxes just to mention a few. Come in to Pet Solutions to view the entire inventory, we strive to stock it all.